Wild Garlic capers give any dish a burst of spring garlic flavour and can be used instead of the normal pickled capers. There is a word of warning with this recipe, they do take along time to prepare but the results are well worth the effort.

About a month after the first flowers appear these start to turn into seed heads, this is when you pick them to make your capers. Just pick the flower heads and select those where the petals have fallen off and the seeds are still green and lush! You will need a good carrier bag/basket full to produce about 250g seeds/capers.

This is the bit that takes the time, so pull up a chair put the radio on, cricket or soft mellow music is good to work with. Then using a small pair of scissors, snip the seed heads off, trying not to leave any stalk, which as you can see isn’t always possible!!

After you have done this place into jars and give them a good coating of salt – now leave them for 3 weeks.

After three weeks wash the salt off using colander and then let dry on some kitchen towel.

Pour into a clean jar and top up with malt vinegar, leave for about three months and use instead of normal pickled capers.

wild garlic

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