Vivo Lounge, is the last of the current batch of restaurants/bars that has opened in the Brewery Square Dorchester and we were lucky enough to win entrance to the grand opening night; Twitter & Facebook are wonderful PR tools!!

Vivo Lounge, Dorchester
Vivo Lounge is on Weymouth Avenue underneath Carluccios and they describe the bar as “The Lounges are informal, neighbourhood food led cafe/bars open all-day everyday where families, friends, and locals can come for a coffee, a drink, or something to eat in a relaxed comfortable environment.” It is decorated in an eccentric & eclectic way, old photographs, odd tables and chairs etc. It would have been good to have included pictures from the old brewery to show what the building was originally and to have more of a local feel to the place.

The drink selection is standard for this type of bar, lagers and a few ales from Bristol & Bath – again it would have been good to have a few good local ales, to show the link back to the brewery etc.

We were served tapas, but you can order anything from a full breakfast, burgers, sandwiches to a rib eye steak. The tapas was fine and the pulled pork was delicious, but it was served with some very uninspiring bread!!

We were a little disappointed with Vivo’s, we were expecting more leather settees and a piano in the corner type bar (although there is a small area with comfy chairs in the snug) I’m sorry to say it had a feeling of an up market Wetherspoons, maybe exactly what they are hoping for! Saying this I’m sure it will be a success, because it is what Dorchester needs a stylish bar that us ‘older generation’ can relax in – so more comfy chairs please!!

When the Brewery Square development was first announced, there was the fear that it would drag trade away from the traditional bars and restaurants in Dorchester, but I’m hearing that it is doing the exact opposite which is great news and hopefully Dorchester will continue to grow as a foodie destination…

ps> Thank you Claire & Jack for making the evening a great one…
Vivo Lounge
23 Weymouth Avenue
Brewery Square



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  1. It’s part of a chain which started in bristol – the lounges there’s about 6 here and some in other places. We call it a middle class weatherspoons so interesting you made the comparison too (snobby but true!) If its the same as the Bristol ones the breakfasts should be pretty good. As chains go, I think they are on the nicer side and its a good alternative to spoons!


    1. Great minds think alike Gemma!!!

  2. When i visited the service was bad, however the food was very good. Hopefully when the staff have been fully trained it will be a lot better.

  3. I’ve eaten there and found it very welcoming, quirky decor, and good selection of dishes. If this was a review, it wasn’t brilliantly written…some of the points raised were valid, but sadly the delivery made them void. Give Vivo a go, it’s an excellent venue. Give John a wide berth!

    1. 🙁 I must try harder!

  4. Good review John and very accurate

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