Amongst the game fishing fraternity there is a passion for food, James Smart is a prime example, he is a great foodie and loves to fish the wild rivers of the UK for trout & grayling. So it wasn’t a huge surprise when he along with Lucy Hagan formed The Real Cure, where they cure game (especially venison) in their base close to Shaftesbury.

Luckily I know James through a mutual friend and we also fish the same little brook in the depths of West Dorset. During one bankside conversation he asked if I would like to try some of his cured venison and smoked trout, in exchange for my thoughts!

The Real Cure – Shaftesbury

As he is based in North Dorset I said that is North Dorset Foodie Paula’s territory, luckily she is allergic to fish leaving me to sample the cold smoked Piddle trout! (Paula’s review of the venison products)

As you can see it arrived very well packed and a Billy bonus of some venison bacon for me to try as a topping on my pizzas!

The Real Cure – Shaftesbury

The side of trout looked stunning and I wanted to make a real special dish with it. Digging through my archives I came across this recipe for smoked salmon and thought I would give it a go…..

Smoked Piddle trout with hot lemon butter

Serves two

2 x pieces of skinned smoked Piddle trout
plain flour
olive oil
½ tablespoon crème fraiche
1 tablespoon chopped dill
1 tablespoon sliced chives
good knob of butter
½ a lemon
black pepper

Lightly dust the flour on the opposite side of the fillet to where the skin was
Heat the oil in a frying pan and once hot fry the trout flour side down for 1-2 minutes until golden brown
Add the butter, pepper & a squeeze of lemon juice – no need for any salt because the trout will have some residue after the smoking process
Turn the fillet and cook for 1 minute
Remove from the pan and place on salad leaves
Turn the heat off
Add the crème fraiche and herbs for 20 seconds, spoon this buttery mixture over the trout and garnish with snipped chives.

Serve with a chilled glass of Bacchus 2014 from Furleigh Estate.

The Real Cure – Shaftesbury

The cooked smoked trout had a delicate smokey flavour and was oh so delicious, I recommend you order a fillet of Cold Smoked Piddle Trout from The Real Cure’s new online shop (due any day) and try it for yourself!

Luckily I still had plenty of the fillet left and used this in a traditional canapé, served on top of a dollop of cream cheese and garnished with fresh dill. These were soon eaten in preference to my own smoked mackerel pate canapés!! We all agreed that it had a much better flavour and texture to traditional smoked salmon!

Cold Smoked Piddle Trout

The Real Cure
t: 07970 000 681

Dorset Food & Drink

The Real Cure – Shaftesbury

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  1. Hi John,

    What can I say! What a fantastic review! Lucy and I are greatly indebted to you – the recipe and photography are both fantastic and the piece reads brilliantly.

    A huge thanks from me and Lucy to you – I’m just going to share the piece on social media now.


    The Real Cure – Dorset

  2. Really excited to receive this review of our cold smoked Piddle trout from the West Dorset Foodie. Going to give his recipe (included in the blog) a bash for dinner this week. We think you’ll agree that he takes some stunning photography! If you’d like to sample some of our lovingly made cured and smoked products including trout please email: – website coming soon.

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