Breast of lamb is a cheap cut that is packed full of flavour, it is even better when cooked in a wood fired oven where the level of gnarliness increases to the maximum!! Always buy the best quality lamb you can get, this one I bought from the Brace of Butchers, local produce and at a great price of only £3.50, they will even trim it for you..!

I like good old fashioned sage & onion stuffing with my lamb and it is really easy to make.

4 slices of brown bread (crusts removed)
Half an onion (or one small onion)
Bunch of washed fresh sage
Lemon zest from 1 lemon
Salt & lots of pepper

Roughly chop the onion & fry in a little olive oil until soft, but not brown, then leave to cool
Add all the ingredients into a blender and zap until you have a fine breadcrumb mix
Season to taste

sage onion stuffing

Lay the breast flat and spread the stuffing all over.
Firmly roll the breast up trying to avoid squeezing out the stuffing
Tie with string and its ready to cook!

stuffed breast of lamb

I heated the wood oven to 250c and let the flames die down (conventional oven heat to 160c/gas mark 4) and you will need to cook the breast for around two hours.

stuffed breast of lamb

When cooked slice into generous size portions, serve with roasted potatoes and vegetables!

Stuffed breast of lamb

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  1. We love breast of lamb, which is not a low cost cut nowadays. I usually roll and braise one for 4 hours or more in a stock made from unpeeled shallots, dried and fresh mushrooms, carrots and red wine. What I don’t like are the flat, white sheets of intramuscular ‘stuff’ that never melts and stays like rubber even after long cooking.

    The only way I know to deal with it is to try to peel the white layers from the lamb breast. This can mean the meat falls into pieces but as long as the skin-side layer is intact it is easy to reform the breast before rolling.

    I’d really like to know if there is a better way to deal with the white ‘stuff’.

    1. Great recipe thanks Mark and then one I had very little white stuff, so lovely and tender – Cheers John

  2. Sorry John, beat you to the stuffed breast of lamb. I bought mine in the Brace of Butchers last Thursday morning, already stuffed for £3.80p. I roasted it in a bag in the electric oven along with a 0.99p tray of Morrison’s ready prepared Mediteranian vegetables. As you say an inexpensive meal but full of goodness and flavour that virtually cooked itself. Mine needed no preparation and left nothing to wash-up except the two plates and wine glasses. An ideal mid-week treat.

    Best wishes,

    Colin Giles.

    1. Colin that is a quick & easy recipe!! Cheers John

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