After cooking in a wood fired oven there is always residual heat and it is shame to waste it. Slow roasted tomatoes is a great dish that can be cooked in this otherwise wasted heat. The cooked tomatoes are so sweet and are fantastic when added to pasta or just served on toast!

10-12 cherry tomatoes (You can use large tomatoes)
1 thinly sliced red onion
Finely chopped fresh herbs (I use thyme, rosemary & marjoram, only because that is what is growing in my garden!!)
1 finely chopped glove garlic (optional)
olive oil
Salt & pepper

Thinly spread the sliced onions over an oiled baking tray
Slice the tomatoes in half and place on top of the onions
Mix the chopped herbs and garlic, salt & pepper and a few glugs of olive oil, brush this mixture over each half of tomato
Place into the oven when the temperature has dropped to around 100c-120c (conventional oven 150c/gas 2)

Cook for around 50 minutes, this does depend on the heat of your oven, but they need to be completely soft with a small amount of gnarliness!

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

You can use them warm served on toasted ciabatta, used with pasta or left to cool and left in the fridge for a few days until required.

Slow Roasted Tomatoes Pasta

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