No nothing to do with Strictly, it’s time to forage for sloe’s to make next winters sloe gin. The trees are full with bursting sloes at the moment, so if you want to make some I would get out this weekend before they all go.

Approx 1.5kg of washed sloes
1 litre gin
Three bottles (1 litre and two washed 75cl wine bottles)
120g sugar for each bottle

Pour 300ml of gin into each wine bottle and prick or squash each sloe and drop into the bottles.
When half full pour in the sugar and shake.
Continue adding the sloes until full.
Screw the tops back on and give it a good shake.
Then shake each bottle each day for a week, then weekly for a month or two by which time it is ready to drink, but even better if you leave longer.
Decant the sloe gin and discard the sloes, let the sediment settle and decant again until your sloe gin is clear.
Drink it!!

Everything you ever need to know about Sloe’s Click Here

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