Where would we be if there were no chillies, food would be a lot less interesting and late night drinkers would have nothing to challenge their taste buds! I have been growing chillies for many years now and once picked I just wash them and freeze whole, this really does lock in their wonderful fresh flavour. You can also chop them when still frozen to add that little burst of heat to any meal. I also make a batch of chilli pickle each year – see my recipes for Yom Yom Chilli Pickle.

West Dorset has also become a mecca for the chilli head with the staggeringly hot Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world! (No I haven’t been brave enough!) The home of the Dorset Naga is Sea Springs Plants tucked on the side of a hill in West Bexington. My first contact with Joy Michaud was at the Eat Dorset Food Festival and have been using their seeds ever since then, but last year my plants were a disaster, I have no idea why they just wouldn’t grow, I think it was because I tried using old seeds. So this year I decided to buy their plug plants and ordered 5 varieties that would be ready in April.

With West Bexingtion just over the hill from me, I asked if I collect my plants when ready, also to give me chance to see their collection of chillies. Joy said no problem and pop round Sunday morning. We certainly weren’t prepared for the wind and rain that Sunday gave us, but Joy was more than happy to give me my 5 precious plants.

Sea Spring Plants supplies seeds for a huge variety of chills and vegetables, they supply plant plugs of all their chills and also supply fresh chillies when in season. Joy opened up a polytunnel and went inside, I was in chilli heaven!

Chilli plants everywhere and all looking very healthy and ready to be packed and sent to waiting chilli heads. Joy showed the infamous Dorset Naga (see photo), even without fruit it looks mean! My plants were nicely packed to save them from the ravages of the wind & rain and Joy said to call back in the summer to see the chilli plants if full fruit – can’t wait!

Sea Spring Plants
Sea Spring Farm,
West Bexington
West Dorset

t: 01308 897898
w: www.seaspringplants.co.uk

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