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I suspect I am like many other cooks that never accurately measure quantities when adding herbs & spices to a dish. This is fine until you want to reproduce one that you have enjoyed, how much of each herb/spice did I add! This is where the specialist blends of salts/peppers/herbs/spices really helps you control what you are adding, because they have been perfectly blended with exact amounts!!

Saison, which is based locally in Bridport produces wonderful blends of salt, pepper, herbs, spices & sugars which will bring out the best of your ingredients. Richard has travelled extensively throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, sampling foods from every conceivable outlet. Richard is very passionate about his food and is a huge ball of information when you ask him about each of his blends It makes you just want to go straight home and try out all his amazing products!!

Mackerel Chesil Beach

The same morning that I visited Saison’s HQ, I caught 6 wonderful mackerel from Chesil Beach and luckily one of Richard’s blends is recommended for oily fish (Lemon & Rosemary Pepper)

Saison Pepper Blend

After filleting and deboning the mackerel, I brushed on a light layer of olive oil which helps the pepper to stick. I sprinkled a pinch of the Lemon & Rosemary Pepper over each fillet (both sides), then grilled the fillets until the skin was nice and crispy. I served this with a fresh orange & fennel salad and citrus vinaigrette. The pepper blend did not over power the fresh flavours of the mackerel and like it says on the can – warm & garlicky for lamb & oily fish….

grilled mackerel

Expect to see lots of photographs of other dishes using the range of blends that Saison produces over the coming months, they really are that good…. i.e. fresh skinned peaches & mangos soaked in vodka and a tablespoon of Rose & Orange sugar – leave for a couple of hours and serve with crème fraîche!

Read my further reviews on the Saison range of mixes here…….

Flavoured Sea Salts
Lemon & Green Herb Salt – for green vegetables & white fish fillets
Orange, Fennel & Chilli Salt – for roast vegetables, chicken & pork
Tomato, Chilli & Garlic Salt – a spicy salt with an Italian Flavour
Wild Mushroom Salt – for roast beef, steaks & risottos

Seasoned Peppers
Lemon & Rosemary Pepper – warm and garlicky for lamb & oily fish
Strawberry & Mint Pepper – for salad dressings & smoked meat antipasti

Flavoured Sugar
Gingerbread & Spiced Sugar – for crumbles cakes & lattes
Lavender & Nutmeg Sugar – for biscuits, scones & milk puddings
Rose & Orange Sugar – for fresh & cooked fruits & dreamy desserts

Herb & Spice Seasoning
The Welsh Rabbit – for cheese dishes, eggs & vegetables
All in Stew – for tender, flavoursome results
British Root Roast – for sweet & spicy vegetable tray bakes
Brixham Fish Market – for fish pies, fishcakes and sauces
London Chop House – for grilled meats

Available online from his website or in all good farm shops, Washingpool Farm stocks the complete range…..

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w: www.saison.co.uk

Read my further reviews on the Saison range of mixes here…….

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  1. This is good but we cannot get these salts/peppers/herbs/spices in Weymouth. In fact I would not know where to get them in Bridport.

    Morrisons in Weymouth are currently selling smoked mackerel fillets on their fresh fish counter as “kippered mackerel”. Had some for breakfast last weekend with ground green peppercorns/coarse sea salt (mixed but not measured!).

    The weather forecast is “sunny” for this weekend’s Sea Food Festival on Weymouth’s harbourside. Try one of Mr Bennett’s (on the waterfront)Mackerel Baps with a glass of Dorset real ale from the Kings Arms next door.

    Best wishes,

    Colin Giles

  2. Message for Colin Giles – Colin all our range is available at Washingpool Farm Shop about a mile from Bridport on the Broadwindsor/Chard road. Hope this helps! All very best, Richard

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