I believe the Purbeck Pizzaria has now closed as their lease expired 02/05/2016

On our rare child-free night we decided to venture out for dinner in Wareham. We have been on many walks in and around Wareham but usually only end up with a coffee at Harry’s after feeding the ducks. I had spent a good child – free 40 minutes getting ready, we were going out and going to enjoy it! (Even if an early bath and pyjamas did seem a viable option!)

We parked the car at 5.30pm on the High Street – as it is free for 1 hour and no parking constrictions after 6pm. We had a plan to have a couple of drinks before our meal, so started in a pub. After waiting at the bar for nearly 5 minutes without even a “Hello” or smile from staff, we left. Onto another pub where the service was much better, a smile and “Hello” as soon as we entered – I have worked in enough hospitality outlets to know that this is just basic manners let alone what is expected – We finally had our drinks!

Purbeck Pizzeria - Wareham

A little later we went to Purbeck Pizzeria right by the water. I have often walked past it when on the way to feed the ducks and wanted to eat there. I was not disappointed. The service was great, so friendly and helpful – They knew to smile and say “Hello” when we walked in.

We ordered Polenta Sticks from the Specials board to share for a starter. Neither of us had eaten polenta before and now it is on my shopping list – a lovely starter. We decided that we had to have a fresh pizza as we were in a pizzeria and saw the open oven as we had entered the child-friendly restaurant. I had one with artichoke on, which was another new creation for me to try. You would think after 6 years of teaching kids to make pizza with their own topping choice, that I would have come across artichoke on one before. (I’ve had to “endure” chocolate pizza and fried breakfast pizza in the past.)

 The Purbeck Pizzeria

Now I will not be happy unless I have artichoke on my pizza! It is another ingredient on my shopping list today.
Overall, a lovely fresh meal at a friendly restaurant. I would highly recommend the Purbeck Pizzeria but not the first pub we tried. I only want a smile when I walk in!

 The Purbeck Pizzeria

Purbeck Pizzeria
37 South Street

t: 01929 551662
w: facebook.com/ThePurbeckPizzeria

Purbeck Pizzeria - Wareham

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  1. I believe the Purbeck Pizzaria has now closed as their lease expired.

    1. Thank you for the update Helen…

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