There are a huge amount of pizza dough recipes out there in books and on the internet, but it takes years of devotion and hard work to develop a radically new one. That is exactly what Tom Gozney has created in his workshop (office, kitchen, play area), a pizza dough recipe aimed at the professional market but domestic users can use just as easily. Tom showed us his new recipe during a VIP masterclass in pizza dough making. Sorry to say I won’t be publishing the recipe, I will leave that for Tom to unleash it to the world (maybe he won’t!)


The Stone Bake Oven Company is locally based in Christchurch and produces a range of wonderful wood fired ovens, from small domestic ovens through to monsters that you see in restaurants. (see my full review here) Maybe because Tom and I love flyfishing & a great love of good food, somehow I wangled an invite along to his VIP Pizza Dough Training day. (Tom might open this course to all, so keep an eye on his website for more details)

Stone Bake Oven Company

Tom took us (there was only one other couple there Mike & Pat who are doing wonderful things in their wood fired oven in Lincolnshire) through the steps to create the perfect pizza, he made and cooked various different types of pizza dough for us to to try (hell it was hard work eating freshly cooked pizzas!). He then explained his latest pizza dough recipe and showed how easy it was to prepare and once cooked WOW it produced the most wonderful silky crispy crust ever!!!


Stone Bake Oven Company

We then prepared and cooked our own pizzas using very simple topping ingredients – easy tomato sauce, mozzarella, cured meats, basil, anchovies, chillis etc. It was also great to chat to Mike & Pat who like us were on the steep learning curve of wood fired oven cooking. It did sound like Mike had nailed it and is posting regular recipes on The Stone Bake Oven Company website – which is a great resource for recipes & tips.

Stone Bake Oven Company

Stone Bake Oven Company

What an amazing day, in a few hours we learnt so much on how to improve our cooking in our oven and I would like to thank Tom & Laura for looking after us so well…. You must come and fish the River Frome for its monster grayling┬ásometime soon!!

If you need any information about these great ovens, give them a call or drop them an email, check out their website for instructional videos or you can even arrange a visit to see them for yourself (please always call or email first)…..

The Stone Bake Oven Company
Units 18 & 19
Christchurch Business Park
The Runway
BH23 4FL

0845 834 0252


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The Stone Bake Oven Company

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  1. Great to meet you & Vicky at Tom’s master class in making pizza’s from start to finish. We certainly learned a lot from Tom and can’t wait to try out his great dough recipe. Already been on the Internet sourcing ingredients. Who’s the old guy with beard?

  2. Hey John,

    So lovely to have you at the Stone Bake HQ, thoroughly enjoyed passing on all my dough knowledge to you. We will be doing courses in pizza making in 2015!

    Please stay connected as we would love to have you over again.

    Kind Regards.


    1. Tom – thanks that will be fabulous, although I like ‘Pizza Eating’ courses as well!! cheers John

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