When I heard earlier in the week that Patas Arriba were hosting a tapas evening at the Forum Cafe in Blandford on Friday neither me or my husband needed any persuasion to book our places! Having lived in a city before where food from all around the world was available any day of the week we knew we would enjoy this opportunity to have tapas as it’s one of our favourite foods!


In true Spanish style on our arrival we were given glasses of sangria. A few people had already arrived and rest arrived shortly afterwards. Patas Arribas encourages social dining and the whole concept is very simple and very enjoyable. We sat amongst people we hadn’t ever met before but soon conversation was flowing (as well as the wine) and each tapas was brought out at the same time for everyone.


My apologies for the quality of the photos – they do not do any justice to the fantastic tapas we enjoyed. As it was social dining evening I was busy chatting and not remembering to photograph everything properly! And then there’s the photograph of the chicken with a fork about to go in as someone simply couldn’t wait to tuck into another tapas!


Menus were scattered around the tables, one side was in Spanish and the other in English for those who couldn’t read Spanish so we knew what to expect through the evening. Every tapas served during the evening was prepared with care and attention and the taste was absolutely wonderful. I think most of us on our table agreed that the pollo moruno was the favourite of all. I’m not sure I’ve ever had chicken cooked as lovely as that one before.


As few people on our table discovered I was the North Dorset Foodie conversation obviously followed about the North Dorset foodie scene and where everyone had been and what they enjoyed. Everyone was in agreement that North Dorset needs more evenings like this one arranged by Patas Arribas. I think they will have few of us as regulars for their events now and we are hoping they will find a suitable venue in Shaftesbury too! Patas Arribas is definitely my favourite evening and food in North Dorset now! You can find them on Facebook (where all the dates are listed) and they are also on twitter (@PatasTapas) and instagram (patasarribatapas).

w: www.patasarriba.co.uk




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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to review our event at Forum Cafe last Friday, and also, of course, for coming along! We’re always delighted to see old customers and new ones alike, and we appreciate the feedback we receive.

    We look forward to meeting more people at our upcoming events and we’d love to hear more reviews in future!

    We have a vegan event at South Coast Roast, Bournemouth, this Thursday 27th August (nearly sold out).
    Then an open event at No8 Wine Shop, Tarrant Hinton from 6pm the following evening, Friday 28th.
    Look out for dates in September, currently starting with Jalarra Loft Bar, Bournemouth, on Thursday 17th September!

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