Tim and Julie Garry have kept a herd of Jersey cows at Modbury Farm for 28 years, opening a small shop in the farmhouse shortly after. In 2007 they converted an old shippon- previously used to house cows and goats – into a larger shop premises, allowing them to expand their range. It’s now a thriving ‘real farm shop’.

Modbury Farm

Guests are welcome to have a look around the farm yard to get a real sense of where their food comes from. The main herd are often to be seen grazing in the fields adjoining the yard and there are a variety of poultry and young stock to be seen wandering free range nearby.

Modbury Farm

The shop stocks a carefully selected range of products, primarily local, much of it organic. Everyday essentials include the farms own bantam eggs, Blackacre Farm hen’s eggs and bread from Leakers Bakery delivered daily except Sundays. To complete your English Breakfast are ham and bacon from Dorset Farms of Beaminster and jams and preserves from Chris Hunn of Bridport. Of course, no breakfast would be complete without a brew and the diverse selection of teas from Dorset Tea and Tea Pigs ensure you won’t go thirsty.

Modbury Farm

There is a well compiled choice of cheese including Ford Farm Coastal Cheddar and Dorset Red, Dorset Blue Vinney, Godminster Organic cheddar and Vulscombe goat’s cheeses. Vale Cottage Homebakes of Puncknowle provide the delicious looking cakes and biscuits, with Moores biscuits and local icecream also available. Also in stock are Dorset company Filberts’ nuts and snacks and a selection of premium crisps, drinks and convenience foods. There is a range of store cupboard ingredients, locally produced ready meals and Ecover environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Those searching for a gift for a special someone will be sure to find something to suit amongst the locally made cards, pottery and woodcrafts. I was somewhat besotted with the collection of tiny carved farm yard animals.

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The vegetable rack provides some real gems; a crate of vibrant mixed coloured baby tomatoes; a basket of thick green stalks of rhubarb, tinged pink at the tips; bobbly cucumbers, fat pods bursting with broad beans, a real showcase of the season. The majority are either grown at the farm, fed from the waters of the river Bride or from Bothen Hill Organic Produce.

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Beef and pork from Tim and Julie’s home reared animals is also available. The pigs are fed waste milk and allowed to grow slowly, resulting in superior quality pork. The sausages are made from the whole pig and are therefore more “meaty” and lower in fat than would normally be the case. The beef is from Jersey cross breeds and is hung for 30 days, resulting in flavoursome tender meat.

The USP of Modbury is undoubtedly its ‘raw’ Jersey milk, slightly higher in fat than the more mainstream dairy breeds at 5%; it has a rich creamy flavour. There are numerous health benefits from drinking unpasteurised milk – it is higher in essential fatty acids, CLA (linoleic acid) and in vitamin C. Pasteurisation also reduces the bodies’ ability to absorb numerous other minerals. It is a closed herd (all the cows are home bred) reducing the chance of infections being bought into the herd and though the farm is not certified organic, they farm primarily using organic principles, utilising homeopathy where possible and only resorting to antibiotics as a last resort.

Modbury Farm

A classic vanilla icecream gives Tim and Julie’s Jersey milk an opportunity to shine. Combined with Devon cream from Dunn’s Dairy and Blackacre free range eggs, the result is a rich and indulgent treat.

Jersey Milk Vanilla Icecream
750ml Jersey Milk
750ml Double Cream
1 Vanilla Pod
9 medium free range egg yolks
225g caster sugar
20g glucose syrup

  • Put the yolks, sugar and glucose into a large bowl and whisk to combine.
  • Split the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. Add to the milk and cream and slowly bring to a simmer. Remove from the heat and pour over the egg yolks, whisking continually so that it does not scramble.
  • Return to the pan and heat, stirring continually with a heat proof spatula, scraping the base of the pan as you go to ensure the egg does not start to overcook at the bottom. The mix should be heated to 71° to pasteurise the eggs. If you do not have a thermometer, check that the mixture has thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon. Remove from the heat.
  • Cool and then chill. Once chilled pass the mix through a sieve to remove the vanilla pod. Churn in an icecream maker.

Ali Smith Recipe

Modbury Farm
Burton Bradstock

Open every day 7am – 7 pm

t: 01308 897193
w: www.modburyfarm.co.uk

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