To make sauté potatoes is a right pain and very labour intensive, so instead I roast mine in olive oil, they come out crispy with a lovely soft centres and oozing olive oil!

Wash any good roasting potato, such as Desiree, King Edward or Maris Piper, but this method works just as well with new potatoes!
There is no need to skin them, just chop them up into 2 to 3cm squares (they don’t have to be square any shape will do).
Place in boiling salted water and cook until they are lightly cooked, drain and leave in the pan to let the steam escape.
While these are resting, pour olive oil (no need to use your best, normal cooking olive oil is fine) plenty of sea salt.
You can if you wish add garlic gloves or fresh herbs, rosemary works really well.
Give the potatoes and gentle shake to fluff them up.
Tip the potatoes into the oil and straight into a hot over.
Just as the potatoes are starting to brown remove from the oven and give them a gentle turn and leave out of the oven for a few minutes.
Back into the oven until gold brown

Here are some served with bass and roasted vegetables.

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