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We jumped at the chance when we were invited to attend the opening of Langham Wine Estate’s Tasting Room! Langham sparkling wines have been top of our list whenever there is family celebration and it is grown & produced just up the road!!

Langham wines is easy to find, turn left on the Puddletown to Blandford Road and down a narrow road with rustic grass growing down the centre!! There is plenty of parking and the new Tasting Room is a converted milking parlour, with comfortable chairs to relax in while enjoying their bubbles!

Langham Wine - Crawthorne

Could it get any better than arriving on a gorgeous summers day and being greeted with a glass of beautifully chilled Dorset sparkling wine at 11am!!!

Langham Wine - Crawthorne

Langham wines was created in 2009 when Justin Langham planted 30 acres of vines, in a very successful attempt at making his Fathers John Langham’s idea a realism. Langham concentrate all their efforts into producing the best sparkling wines possible and to help them with this aim, Daniel Ham (winemaker) has joined them to ensure this is achieved.

Justin Langham

Justin Langham - Langham Wine - Crawthorne

Daniel Ham

Daniel Ham - Langham Wine - Crawthorne

Now they have 38,000 vines, a mixture of Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meaner – perfect for award winning sparkling wines! Recently their 2011 Blanc de Blanc has been awarded a gold medal at both the International Wine and Spirits competition and the International Wine Challenge. The same wine was also awarded a silver medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards – high praise indeed!!

Daniel then showed us around the vineyard, explaining a year in the life of the vine and how the grapes are carefully picked, before travelling all of 50 yards to the wine press! Each bottle is then aged on yeast lees for a minimum of 18 months before they are corked and labelled. The wine then continues to mature until they are sure that it is suitable to be released for sale!!

Langham Wine - Crawthorne

The Tasting Room will be used for visitors to come and relax and drink the wines after the tours, tastings, events and private hire. It is now OPEN, so book a tour and sample their wonderful wines ASAP!!

Langham Wine - Crawthorne

Langham Wine Estate


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  1. Thanks to the lovely West Dorset Foodie for this writeup of yesterday’s sneak preview of the new tasting room.

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