I thought it would be a nice idea to follow John’s ‘Goodbye’ message yesterday with a ‘Hello’ message of my own and take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m Heather Brown and some of you may already know me as @eastdorsetfoodie. I live in Bournemouth and have been part of the Dorset Foodie Family since 2015. I have loved meeting the Dorset food community and tasting many delicious products and discovering many fabulous places.

It has always been a privilege to be a part of this team and if all the messages on social media yesterday are anything to go by, I think I join with many people to thank John and Vicky for this amazing, positive thing that they have built.

Outside of the Dorset Foodie Family, I run my own bespoke catering business – www.heather-brown.com – which definitely keeps me busy and I love to use the great Dorset products I discover in my cooking and baking. Its also great to learn from and be inspired by the wealth of great chefs in this beautiful county.

I have lots of ideas to keep on enthusiastically championing Dorset businesses which I am looking forward to implementing over the coming weeks and months.

To start though, I am on the look out for new writers to join the team. There are so many great places to eat that there are just too many for our existing team to get to!

If you are interested in being a part of the team then simply complete this short application:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XS8SPJW

If you run a food or drink business and would like us to retweet or share your posts on our instagram stories, then just tag us or use the hashtag #dorsetfoodiefamily.

Similarly, if you would like one of us to visit and write a review of your establishment, add a story to our news feed, post an event, attend a launch or new menu event or any of the amazing food and drink things that happen all through the year, then just email info@dorsetfoodiefamily.co.uk.

Looking forward to meeting you and to sharing the Dorset Foodie love!

love Heather x

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