As part of the Dorset Tea launch of their new fruit & herbal teas, James Feaver of Hedgerow Harvest  (fountain of knowledge) took us (a collection of food bloggers) foraging along the Dorset coastline.

As we walked to the seashore, James pointed out foodie goodies you can collect from the hedgerows and suggestions on how to use them, plus which plants to avoid!

hedgerow harvest

The morning was then spent foraging the seashore, especially the huge variety of seaweeds that are readily available and that are good to eat.

hedgerow harvest

Having spent a good part of my life on the coast of Dorset I was astounded at the number of seaweeds that can be eaten, each one having different uses & flavours. They can be dried and then used as a garnish or incorporated in dishes. Seaweeds are all hugely nutritious and very, very delicious!!

hedgerow harvest

A few days before James had planted a crab pot  just below low water mark and was over the moon to find a good sized lobster in it!! There were also a few prawns, velvet crab and a good sized Three Bearded Rockling – what a catch and certainly not expected!

hedgerow harvest

Photograph very kindly supplied by Coralie

James then provided lunch with  foraged goodies from the seashore & beyond, they all tasted fantastic  – well cooked James!

  • Miso Soup (seaweed & foraged mushrooms)
  • Elderflower champagne
  • Japanese knot weed cordial
  • Frittata with smoked mackerel, wild garlic. Sides of sea lettuce & sea spaghetti.
  • Elderflower pannacotta made with seaweed instead of gelatine

Seaweed Meal

I can really recommend this foraging course with James, it will open your eyes and mouth to eating seaweeds!

He also runs woodland foraging and a unique day foraging for Dorset Truffles – you can even buy an oak tree from him and grow your own truffles!!!

Contact James for more details or check his websites:-



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