What an amazing journey we have had, but after seven great years building up the Dorset Foodie Family, Vicky & I have decided it is time to hang up our pens. We are passing the baton onto Heather Brown (aka East Dorset Foodie) and as from today Heather will be in full control of the Dorset Foodie Family.

We are so pleased that Heather is taking over the family and happy that it is in safe hands. We are sure it will go onto even greater heights and remain as Dorset’s premier food blog.

If you are wondering what Vicky & I will be doing, well we now have three grandchildren and we don’t want to miss a second of them growing up.

With me retiring from the family, Heather does have a vacancy for the West of Dorset, if you fancy giving it a go or if you know someone who would, please email Heather@DorsetFoodieFamily.co.uk

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way and to all the PR companies, chefs, restaurants and food & drink producers…

Last but not least, super mega thanks to the current Dorset Foodie Family – Heather, Paula, Jon, Fleurie, Rebecca, Rachael, Liza and Hope, also past members and guest writers – it has been a hoot working with you all and we look forward to reading your future reviews.

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  1. Enjoy every second John and thanks for supporting us over the years.

    1. Thank Janice and we kook forward to eating at yours, hopefully in the near future 🙂

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