Glazed Doughnuts - Bournemouth

Awww, doughnuts. Is there anything sweeter in this life? I doubt it.

The news of a doughnut shop opening within walking distance of my dwellings stirred up a mix of emotions in me. Firstly, I am trying my hardest to stick to a healthy new plan (provided by the fantastic vegan PT Tim Johnson – not a #ad). Secondly – doughnuts. VEGAN DOUGHNUTS!

Well, I’m writing this blog post, so I suspect you know how that internal argument went.


Glazed is the trendiest little doughnuttery to open its doors in Lansdowne. Already a popular late-night hot spot for those with a sweet tooth, Lansdowne is starting to rival the offerings of the Triangle on the other side of town, with bars, restaurants and now Glazed offering a delectable selections of treats at all hours of the day.

So what’s on offer?

Glazed Doughnuts - Bournemouth

Well, for vegans, it’s probably the largest vegan menu I’ve seen offered from a single eatery which I hope will be as well received as it was by me. They seem to change up there menu fairly frequently to ensure you can try a selection of flavours, but here’s what we tried when we stopped by last week…

Glazed Doughnuts - Bournemouth

Chocolate glaze (100% vegan!)

Life-changing. I don’t think I’m even exaggerating as I’m not much of a chocolate lover and I’ve always preferred savoury snacks to sweet ones. But this chocolate doughnut has proven to me that everyone can live a vegan lifestyle.

Glazed Doughnuts - Bournemouth

Digestive crumble with vanilla glaze (100% vegan!)

Not super digestive-y be another really delicious, sticky doughnut. Their batter (the ingredient mix of which I imagine is top secret) has been through a lot of experimentation and I’m not sure they’re finished their journey yet but it’s soft and sweet and absolutely delicious.

Glazed Doughnuts - Bournemouth

Lotus biscoff (100% vegan!)

This was extra-special because the top was covered in like a creamy, caramel-tasting class as well as having little crumbly bits of biscuit (and pecan?) all over it. It’s basically like eating a biscuit-covered doughnut so don’t be fooled into thinking that vegan doughnuts are a good swap for fruit and nut chewy bars.

Glazed Doughnuts - Bournemouth

Peanut butter & jelly (100% vegan!)

This little beauty probably made me feel the most guilty for completely breaking my new nutrition plan as peanut butter is such an everyday health staple for me – especially at breakfast time. But it’s given peanut butter a new lease of life now. If you like these flavours then I know you’re going to experience heaven (I wonder if there is something higher than that?). So, so naughty, sticky, lashings of topping and sugary goodness. Not to sickly, just rich with flavour.

Glazed Doughnuts - Bournemouth

I’m so impressed by their commitment to offering a fantastic vegan selection on their menu, and how quickly they’ve managed to nail down such delicious recipes.

Unfortunately (for me), my health plan is ruined, but I’ve never felt better about it.

For those who love doughnuts as much as life itself, they’re also started cooking up GIANT doughnuts (with whatever your choice of topping) as birthday cakes! Check out their Facebook page for new flavours, offers, cakes and more:
Opening hours are 9am – 10pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm – 10pm on Sundays.

Doughnuts of distinction they most certainly are.

Power to the sweet, sweet plants!

Glazed Doughnuts - Bournemouth

Glazed Doughnuts
6 Lansdowne Rd


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