When we booked a three course meal in the cafe of the Lighthouse Theatre in Poole , we didn’t really know what to expect when the hosts were the characters from the 70’s hit comedy show Fawlty Towers! We arrived at theatre and shown into the upstairs bar area where we had to wait. It was a bit like being in a departure lounge waiting for a flight, not knowing exactly when it would all start!!

Sybil was first to arrive waddling across the floor with her high heels and rats tail hair! Quickly followed by Manuel and the man himself Basil! After a little confusion with Manuel and his nuts, Basil started to read out the seating plan and guests where shown downstairs. The cafe was laid out well, with tables of 6-8 and we joined the Mr & Mrs Float and friends! Then we all realised some had two knives or two forks and and a right muddle, this really broke the ice and after a glass of wine ready for the starters

The evening from then on was chaos from start to finish, fire alarms & evacuations, Siberian Hamsters, dragon fly & silly walks!! I won’t explain every detail of the show, but I should mention that the food was surprisingly good, well except for what one lady found in her soup – chef’s false teeth anyone!!!

We would highly recommend the show if it ever comes this way again..

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