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Jollyon Carter and Radhika Mohandas have been selling at country wide food fairs since 2011, they have a unique blend of local Dorset produce mixed with flavours from the East. Such things as organic pork and Blue Vinney dumplings! Their main suppliers list are a who’s, who of the best of Dorset; Trill Farm, Framptons Butchers, Samways Fish, Capreoulus Fine Foods, Jansons Deli, Washingpool Farm, Fussels, Maddocks Organic Farm, Chesil Smokery, Comins Tea House etc.. So when we heard they were opening a restaurant in Bartholomews Hall, just down Chancery Lane in Bridport town centre, we just had to be there for their opening week tasting menu!!

Dorset Seafood Festival, Weymouth
Dorset Seafood Festival 2014

The restaurant is tucked away down a little alley just to the right of Bridget’s Market, East Street – just follow your nose!! Inside it is modern, with an open kitchen and simple but comfortable table & chairs. Lighting was very subdued and made it difficult to photograph the food – I’m already jealous of the food photographer, who gets the job to photograph all this stunning food in natural light!!!

Dorshi - Bridport

We were there to enjoy their 5 course tester menu, this was a one off for their restaurant launch. It was Friday night and was fully booked, which made it a little squashed at times, but we were soon chatting away with fellow diners and a really great atmosphere.

Dorshi - Bridport

We were given a complimentary gin and Comins Darjeeling tea cocktail, which was so refreshing and so was my alcohol free one! Their wine list is good with bottles of wine starting at £16.50, a good selection of beers (including a Japanese beer) and you could even have a choice of sake!

The first two dishes to appear, were oak smoked trout barley sushi and Tri-colour spring rolls, pickled ginger & black garlic peanut sauce! We just loved the handmade plates that the food was presented on. The food was vibrant and had so many flavours and textures to each dish. All were garnished with little kicks of flavours and some were garnished with dainty petals – we really did enjoy all these dishes!!! For the chilli heads out there, you also get a small bowl of fiery chilli to add as & when you like!!

Oak Smoked Trout Barley Sushi, wild rocket, dill & caper puree
Dorshi - Bridport

Tricolour fresh spin roll, pickled ginger, black garlic-peanut sauce
Dorshi - Bridport

Okonomiyaki with molasses blackstrap bacon & spring onion
Dorshi - Bridport

Homemade winter greens Kimchi, asparagus & British grown Quinoa salad
Dorshi - Bridport

Steamed organic pork, leek & ginger dumplings
Dorshi - Bridport

Steamed Shiitake mushroom, kale-chard & Miso dumplings
Dorshi - Bridport

Wide cut noodles, Dorset Nduja & caramelised leek sauce & sesame oil
Dorshi - Bridport

Egg spelt noodles, Ponzu, Winter Purslane, crispy shallots & sesame oil
Dorshi - Bridport

Roasted charred pork belly, pickled cucumber & Dorshi Soy-Mayo
Dorshi - Bridport

Hemp Curry Puree, purple potato, Tempeh Fondant, Crispy potato skins
Dorshi - Bridport

To finish, Primrose & Dorset Honey, edible flower jelly (ours had a pansy inside)

To finish we enjoyed a mug of Comins single estate tea (coffee was also available).

The whole Dorshi experience was a delight, we were extremely well looked after in a very relaxed manner. This is an ideal place for an after work drink and a few plates of their delicious food. Can’t wait to see the full menu and we will be returning shortly to once again enjoy Jollyon & Radhika’s food!

Dorshi - Bridport

Bartholomew’s Hall
Chancery Lane


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