We were invited along to Keith Spicer Ltd HQ in Ferndown to sample the delights of Dorset Tea. Keith Spicer founded the company way back in 1934 distributing his own blended tea to outlets in Bournemouth & Poole area.

The brand Dorset Tea has been in existence since 2009 and it has the same blend of teas (Kenya, India and Ceylon) that Keith Spicer used in his superior tea. This year the company is increasing its push to publicise Dorset Tea and this is why we & other foodie’s were invited along for a tea tasting session.

We were greeted by Lisa Worthington (Marketing Manager for Spicers) and once we had all arrived we were taken in to meet Ben Hitchcock (Master Blender for Dorset tea), right in the nerve centre of the company, in the room where teas where tasted and blended.

Before us where rows of different tea being prepared for us to taste, ranging from the finest grade 7 down to grade 2’s that are used for Supermarket value ranges.

Ben went right through the production of tea, from the growing, the regions around the world and to the blending. (Did you know that on average a tea bag is only brewed for 6 seconds!)

Most of the teas used are now grown in South Africa and only the top two leaves are plucked the finest grades, whereas the lower grades include the stalks as well. It was fascinating to go up the scale tasting the teas and once you arrived at grade 6 & above you really got the full bodied real tangy crisp flavours and it is these that make up Dorset Tea.

Then we tasted the UK brand leaders against Dorset Tea and now we were all expert tea tasters, could tell by the brightness and the taste that Dorset Tea truly is a luxury tea!


To show that Spicers Tea have a huge portfolio of teas, Ben let us taste a range on teas that they export, we all agreed the green tea was absolutely superb, shame you can’t buy it here in the UK! Lisa said that they do have plans to increase the range of Dorset Tea and Green Tea will be one of the first – which is great news.

Their advertising campaign says that Dorset Tea is the “only one T in Dorset”, I think our friends at Clipper Teas have a serious contester on their hands!!!

Once home we brewed a cuppa for our builder David and he gave the BIG thumbs up to Dorset Tea!

Dorset Tea
5 Cobham Road
BH21 7PN

w: www.dorsettea.co.uk

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  1. Hi John & Vicky,

    We were thrilled to have you along. The blog post is a wonderful piece of reportage, thoughtful, accurate and unbiased. Photography excellent.

    We will be seeding the link to your blog across our social media platforms.

  2. Thanks guys – and yes let’s talk when the apples are ready to be picked 😉

  3. I bought a packet of Dorset Tea from my local Sainsburys to try, as I found my usual Typhoo tea seemed tasteless. What a revelation! Dorset Tea is full of flavour and so much nicer than all the usual supermarket brands. I shall definitely continue using this tea as it is lovely.

  4. Lived the life of a tea planters wife in India and Africa for 36 years. Most interested in your web site and shall try your Dorset tea at earliest opportunity. Looking forward to it.

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