Dorset Market Kitchen

If you can’t stand the heat….. ….then you need Dorset Market Kitchen. DMK is a gourmet street food sensation…..street food has become one of the fastest growing food trends; it’s sociable and affordable; and with the likes of chefs Jamie Oliver, Simon Hulstone and Nathan Eades creating street food recipes; gone are the days of greasy baps and soggy based pizzas.

Dorset Market Kitchen

Burgers are a street food classic, but when I tasted a DMK burger I knew that these guys were in a league of their own…..I spoke with Kieran and Bernice to find out more about their involvement in this growing industry…….

Dorset Market Kitchen
Photo by Kind Permission of Dorset Market Kitchen

How long have you been established? And how did DMK come about?

We set up DMK almost 2 years ago. We have always been excited about food, and since moving to Dorset back in 2014 we decided to celebrate all things local and responsibly produced. We spent about a year doing our research speaking to producers and suppliers until we were 100% happy we had everything we wanted for our new venture.

Photo by Kind Permission of Dorset Market Kitchen

What sets DMK apart from the other street food providers?

There are such a variety of Street Food providers now, it is such a competitive industry. We have always stuck to our core ethos which is everything must be cooked fresh. We only use the finest ingredients without compromise and if its not good enough for us to eat then why should it be for our customers. These rules have helped us stand out as we offer a more personal experience with our focus on Quality not Quantity.

Photo by Kind Permission of Dorset Market Kitchen

You do bespoke events, what is the most unusual food request you have made for an event?

Yes we do! This is a part we really enjoy as it’s such a privilege to be asked to cater for someones special day be it a wedding, Big Birthday or even a Company entertaining clients. Food is such a focal point that we make sure we deliver 110% every time. As for unusual requests we haven’t had any yet but we are always welcome to ideas anyone has!

Dorset Market Kitchen

What do you most enjoy about your work at DMK?

We both previously worked the 9–5 it has been so refreshing in having more time together as a family and to focus on something we both enjoy. We love the fact we can bring our daughters up with the love of food and in such a beautiful surrounding that is Dorset. We have also met so many amazing people that have helped us along the way. Thanks to some of them we wouldn’t be where we are today without their help. And obviously not forgetting our Customers! Old and New we love seeing them out and about!

Photo by Kind Permission of Dorset Market Kitchen

What’s next for DMK?
We will be at the Melplash Show on the 24th August……and we have an exciting new venture in the pipeline — Dorset Gin Kitchen working in conjunction with Dorset’s Lilliput Gin serving gin and tapas.

For more details on Dorset Market Kitchen visit their website


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Dorset Market Kitchen
Dorset Market Kitchen Pulled Pork
Dorset Market Kitchen
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