I made a batch of wild garlic butter last year and stored in the freezer to be used over the winter. Unfortunately that is where it sat for nearly a year, lost and forgotten! Then for Mothers Day I bought a wonderful truly free range chicken from Daisy’s Woodland Chicken. Their chickens are reared in broadleaf woodland, where they are free to perch, scratch and root around, just like their jungle fowl ancestors.

Paul & Nikki run Daisy’s Woodland Chicken and they were just in the process of moving to a new location when I popped round to pick the bird up. They are a great young couple, full of enthusiasm and were keen to tell me all about their birds. The birds are kept in wood not far from their new home in West Dorset and a free (well except for the high anti fox fence!) to roam the wood. They sell their produce at the local Farmer markets and at shows around Dorset, also available from the Washing Pool Farm Shop. They not only sell whole birds, but chicken sausages & burgers.

I was cooking the chicken in my wood fired oven and it was then that I remembered my garlic butter, this would be ideal to stuff it in between the breast and the skin. It would melt releasing all the wonderful subtle garlic flavour through the bird, I also added the remainder to the roast potatoes. The chicken looks dry and over cooked, but don’t let this fool you because it was succulent and had really great flavours. Included with the bird are the giblets and these I roasted with the chicken, along with root vegetables to make an amazing gravy.

Daisy's Woodland Chicken

It was such a success that I decided to make more garlic butter for this winter months and especially for Christmas dinner, which has to be chicken and has to be from Paul & Nikki. (They do some very large birds 1.7kg to 4.5kg+!!!) The wild garlic butter is also great for fish, lamb and roasted vegetables.

First pick your wild garlic and make sure you wash off all the bugs & beasties, I used about 50 leaves to 250g of butter. Leave the butter at room temperature to soften for a few hours.

Place the wild garlic in a food processor, removing any stalks, plus a little olive oil to get things moving. After the wild garlic has been shredded (not too small) add the soften butter and gentle pulsed the two together.


Lay two sheets of cling film on top of each other and add the butter to form a long sausage shape. Then carefully mould the butter between the cling film into a long sausage. Place in the fridge for at least two hours to harden.

Wild Garlic Butter

Remove from the fridge and slice the butter into small discs ready to freeze. I wrapped four individual discs together in cling film and placed into a freezer bag, which will be perfect for a meal for four.

Daisy’s Woodland Chicken website

Wild Garlic Butter

Goes great on steaks as well…!

Rump steak, red onion rings, tomatoes & wild garlic butter
Rump steak, red onion rings, tomatoes & wild garlic butter

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