Dairy Free Smoked Mackerel Pate

Over the last few months, I have been trying to cut out as much dairy as possible (Coastal Cheddar & Dorset Blue don’t count!). I was on the lookout for a dairy free version of my usual smoked mackerel pate with cream cheese. I searched the internet and found this recipe on Naturally Good Food website. It uses chickpeas instead of the cream cheese and produces a lighter but just as flavoursome pate. Here is my slightly amended version of their recipe..

How to smoke your own mackerel & the cream cheese pate recipe www.dorsetfoodiefamily.co.uk/smoked-mackerel-pate/

100g drained chickpeas (from a tin)
110g smoked mackerel (you can increase of decrease depending on taste)
glass of white wine
small bunch of parsley
whole lemon
pinch of flaked dried chilli
salt & pepper

Drain the chickpeas, but save the juice.
Blitz the chickpeas until you have smooth paste, you will need to add some of the juice to loosen it.
Add 80g of the smoked mackerel, chilli and a splash of white wine. Biltz again until smooth.
Season with salt & pepper and add the lemon juice a bit at a time, until it’s too you liking.
Add the chopped parsley & remaining mackerel and pulse this into the chickpeas. You can blitz to smooth, but I prefer it a bit chunkier.
Season again to taste, you may need more juice or wine to loosen it.

You can then use this as you would normal mackerel pate, delicious with a piece of toasted Leakers Floored Cobber & butter, oh plus any wine that is left….

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  1. John, You go to all that trouble to make your Dairy Free Pate and then eat it with bread & BUTTER!

    30 Years ago I found by pure chance that I am Lactose Intolerant and have not used butter, cream, cheese or milk since that date and it has made an enormous difference to my life and health. Funnily, you cannot give this advice to anyone else as they treat you as an idiot and do not want to listen. So I just let them get on with it.

    Best wishes and persevere with your dairy free that only takes 3 weeks to experience the difference.

    Colin Giles.

    1. Colin – I’m only trying to cut down, not cut it out altogether – I love cheese & butter too much for that.. Cheers John

    2. Yes Im dairy free too which is very difficult. I used your recipe idea using 2 fresh cooked mackerel, a whole tin of drained chickpeas handful of fresh parsley, chervil and rosemary. Plus small glass of white wine. Lots of salt and green peppers. (Can’t eat chilli) Wizzed the whole lot up. Bit of extra juice from chick peas.
      It’s fantastic. Ideal snack
      Thankyou Gill
      Ps north Dorset

      1. Thanks Gill and glad you like it PS> Mackerel are on their way 🙂

  2. Hello! How long would you say this will keep in the fridge for? I made a batch last week and it was delicious so thank you for the recipe! Just wondering if I can still eat it!

    1. Hi Joanna

      Glad you enjoyed it, I would say max 4 days after making it, so I would bin it if I was you

      Cheers John

  3. Hiya – loved the smoked mackerel pate -very tasty – recipe easy to follow. Can you freeze it?

    1. Hi Alison 🙂 Thanks for your comment and kind words. I don’t know if I have ever frozen smoked mackerel pate myself, but I believe it is possible with this recipe. It should happily keep for 4ish days in the fridge too. love Heather x

  4. Please can you tell me how many people this would feed as a starter.

    1. Hi Zoe, I think this might do a generous 2 or 4 people if served with something like some crusty bread or a fresh salad? Hope that helps, love Heather x

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