I have been using Cornish Sea Salt in my cooking for years and with no salt producers in Dorset, I guess it is our local salt producer!! I find it is the best salt to use with seafood & vegetables. It can be used during cooking and as a garnish, to give you a great salty kick. To my surprise just before Christmas I received a mini kit to make some salty cocktails, in the parcel were a sample of salts & Aval Dor Cornish Vodka.

Cornish Sea Salt Cocktails

The obvious cocktail to make would be a Bloody Mary variation, but cold tomato juice is one of my least favourite things! So I devised this chilli, lime cocktail and named it the “Teasy” (Cornish for hot tempered). This isn’t for the faint hearted, but for those chilli heads out there it is heaven!!!

For 1 person
25 ml Aval Dor Vodka (Dorset Black Cow Vodka is a great substitute!)
1 thin red chilli, sliced in half & de-seeded
1 good pinch of Cornish Chilli Sea Salt
Plain Cornish Sea Salt
Juice of half a lime
1 handful crushed ice

Add the good pinch of Chilli Sea Salt into a glass jug and pour over the vodka – leave to infuse for 10 minutes
Use a slice of lime to wet the rim of a cocktail glass and dip into the plain sea salt
Strain the vodka/chilli into a cocktail glass
Add half the sliced chilli
Add the crushed ice, followed by the lemonade & lime juice
Garnish with a slice of lime

Sit back and enjoy!

Cornish Sea Salt Cocktails

Cornish Sea Salt
w: www.cornishseasalt.co.uk

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  1. John, The Salt Police will have you, beware! Until now I thought the only drink with salt was Tequila.

    We use sea salt with everything that needs it except Fish & Chips where good old Saxa still tastes best.

    Best wishes and a Happy New Year,

    Colin Giles

    1. Thanks Colin and Happy New Year to you too 🙂

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