Located in the North Dorset countryside is a hidden gem of apple orchards, home to Copse House Cider. I first visited the farm in late April and returned there again this week to meet Bob Chaplin, founder of Copse House Cider. I was taken for a tour around the apple orchards on a beautiful sunny day.

Bob certainly knows his stock, he could tell me all the apple varieties in each orchard and when they are ready to be picked. There are pears growing on the farm too. I heard lots of pretty names and was fascinated by Bob’s passion for the apples and the cider he produces using those apples.


Bob is passionate about restoring cider production in Dorset. We all know about Somerset ciders but he told me that Dorset used to produce fine ciders in the past too. In 2013 Bob took his Landshire medium cider to Bath & West show and the cider won the best in show, and then last year Copse House Cider was awarded best cider producer in the Taste of Dorset awards.


After touring around the orchards I was shown the cider press and explained the process of making cider. I admitted I am not a big cider drinker but I must say I was pleasantly surprised how nice all the Copse House ciders were. My favourite is Landshire Medium sparkling. As the summer fast approaches I can see us continuing to enjoy Copse House Ciders while barbecuing with friends. And if there are lots of people around the Copse House Ciders are also sold in boxes!


Local pubs have Copse House Cider on tap and it is now widely sold in farm shops around Dorset so next time you pop in somewhere where you can see the distinguished key logo do give Copse House Cider a try. Current stockists include places we have reviewed in the past. You will not be disappointed!




Copse House Cider
Kine Bush Farm
New Barn Yard, Sandley
Dorset, SP8 5DZ

t. 01747 835119
e. apples@copsehousecider.co.uk

w. www.copsehousecider.co.uk


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