The title belittles this wonderful flatfish, it can be caught from shore or boat, readily available from all good fishmongers, inexpensive and tastes fantastic! This simple recipe brings out the dab’s flavour and can be used for any flatfish, especially lemon sole or plaice. This one I caught recently while fishing from Chesil Beach at Abbotsbury.


First fillet and skin the fish – for instruction check out my ‘How to Fillet a Lemon Sole

Serves 1

Melt a ‘good’ knob of salted butter in a fry pan
Add an unpeeled and un-squashed garlic clove, you only want to add a slight hint of garlic
When the garlic glove starts sizzling add the dab fillets
Cook each side for 1 minute
Take the pan from the heat and add a good squeeze of lemon juice – it will froth up
Sprinkle a little chopped parsley over the fillets
Serve with a good chunk of crusty bread and a chilled glass of Muscadet – I think I need to go fishing again soon!


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