Cherry Picked Hampers - Milborne St Andrew

I recently met up with Hayley Davis and Laurie Griffin founders of Cherry Picked Hampers and their exciting new venture Dorset Cherry Bar. The two entrepreneurial Mum’s spoke to me about their Dorset inspired business distributing Dorset produce hampers and the Dorset Cherry Bar…..

What is the story behind setting up Cherry Picked Hampers?

We both love absolutely everything about Dorset, the scenery, the countryside, the towns, the villages, the lifestyle, the passion that people have for the county and in particular the fabulous produce that we have here. We really wanted to do something that would feature all of this lovely produce, bring these suppliers together and allow people the opportunity to buy and send this fantastic produce to and from anywhere in the country, hence how we came up with the idea of 100% Dorset hampers, of which we offer all different types of gift hampers, corporate hampers and holiday/welcome pack hampers.

Cherry Picked Hampers - Milborne St Andrew

How long have you been established?

We started to trade properly from November 2016 so we are a relatively new company, but we are already growing from strength to strength and we are changing all the time with new suppliers, products and ideas etc. Before this we spent about six months attending lots of different local food events and researching all of the wonderful producers that are out there.

Cherry Picked Hampers - Milborne St Andrew

Where can customers/businesses find your products?

All of our hampers can be perused and purchased via our website however we are also happy to discuss and offer bespoke hampers to customers. We also sell our Christmas hampers via local outlets including Steeptonbill Farm Shop in Milton Abbas and Marcia’s Farm Shop in Spetisbury, and are currently in the process of adding more outlets to this list. If anyone would like further information on our products and services then we would encourage them to email us at We have also become the wholesaler for Dorset Cherries products which include fresh cherries (when in season), cherry juice, mulled cherry juice and cherry brandy which we supply to local retailers and feature in our own hampers!

Cherry Picked Hampers - Milborne St Andrew

What are your most popular hampers?

This is very tricky because we have quite a few popular ones and they are all so different. Some of our most popular include the ‘Any Occasion’ hamper, ‘A Little Love Hamper’ and the range of ‘Dorset Drinks’ hampers. Because we sell everything from wines and beers, to crackers and cheese, to jams and chutneys, to sausages, bacon and fresh bread, to chocolate and olives and toiletries and candles, it really does depend on what the person wants as to which hamper they are most interested in. We really do supply such a huge range of Dorset products that we can cater for most occasions including Christmas Hampers, Wedding and Birthday Gifts, Holiday Packs, Corporate Hampers etc.

What’s next for Cherry Picked Hampers?

Lots of things hopefully! As well as furthering the hamper side of the business with more hampers, produce and suppliers, we also want to market more cherry products, such as the Dorset Cherry Jam that has recently been made for us by the lovely Tracey at Ajar Of. We are also about to launch the ‘Cherry Bar’ our fantastic recently restored vintage trailer, this will attend different events and be available for private hire (weddings, parties etc) and will showcase predominately Dorset drinks of which there is a surprising amount!

Cherry Picked Hampers - Milborne St Andrew

For more details you can follow both Cherry Picked Hampers and Cherry Bar Dorset on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see exactly what they are up to right now and their plans for the future!

(photographs with kind permission from Hayley & Laurie)

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