In the depths of West Dorset there is an old barn that from the outside looks like an old barn, but the inside has been totally transformed into a wondrous place where David & Karen Richards together with their team, produce some of the finest charcuterie in the UK! I was kindly invited along for a tour of their inner sanctum!!

David & Karen Richards

I parked my car outside the barn and as I got out I was greeted with a wonderful smokey aroma wafting through the air!! A sign guided me through a sturdy door and there was Karen busily slicing duck ham ready for deliveries for the weekend rush. The rest of the team were in the wet room busily making faggots & traditional pork sausages.

Karen Richards

David guided me around the labyrinth of rooms! The smoker was in full flow, smoking local cheeses. The salami room was also full of curing sausages of all sizes. David designed this room, with coolers & computers to produce the perfect conditions to cure these amazing sausages.


Then there was the meat curing room, full of mutton, pork (bacon as well) and venison slowly maturing ready to be sliced and packaged. Wish I could convey the wonderful smokey smells that permeated throughout!! After sampling their produce the smokey flavour isn’t strong and still allows the flavours of meat/fish/bird to shine through.

Capreolus Fine Foods

The list of produce available from Carpeolus is huge from fish, pig, cow, bird, deer, sheep & goat – salamis, hams, sausages, bacons & cured meats. These can all be purchased online or from any good farm shop & butchers around the county.


They also do weekend courses on sausage & bacon making and with David & Karen’s enthusiasm these are sure to be well worth attending…

Capreolus Fine Foods
Uphall Farmhouse


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  1. Thanks for a lovely insight into the workings of a very fine company. Love capreolus products

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