When there is surf rolling onto Chesil Beach there is a good chance that bass will be in feeding amongst the crashing waves. This last week high tide was at dawn, combined with a good surf, made for perfect conditions (please remember this is a dangerous place and don’t attempt to fish if it is too rough – if the beach is empty of fishermen it is too rough!!!!) It always surprises me just how close bass will follow the lure before they take, sometimes they almost beach themselves in the foaming sea. Thursday I was lucky enough to catch a couple of bass and I kept one for dinner, but by Friday the sea way too rough so I stayed well away.


Here is a great recipe that uses the full flavours and vibrant colours of chorizo to accompany my fresh bass….

serves 2

2 fillets of bass
8 cm of chorizo cut into cubes

braised peppers
2 yellow peppers cut into 4cm chunks (any pepper colour will do)
half sliced onion
quarter chopped green chilli
glug white wine
100 ml vegetable stock
handfull basil leaves
salt & pepper

fry the onion in olive oil until soft
add the white wine and reduce by a half
put in the peppers and torn basil leaves and a splash of the stock
cover and cook for at least 30 minutes – add more stock if it starts to dry out

fry the chorizo in a hot frying pan
once there is enough fat, add the bass fillets skin side down and reduce the heat
leave until the fish is almost cooked and turn over for the last 30 seconds

serve with the braised vegetables and boiled potatoes or mini roasties.
Wine: Sauvignon de Touraine



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