A Dorset craft beer brewery have announced that they are moving to Bournemouth, building a new brewhouse and taproom which will open this summer. Taking to Facebook, Barefaced Brewery owners Nick Horne and Tom Cooper, both 28, said ’. Barefaced Brewing will open their taproom doors on The Triangle this August, serving ales that have already proved popular across the county, such as their IPA ‘Boil or Bust’ and the velvety ‘Heartbreak Stout’.

Now they have taken to Facebook once more to ask for help with the final hurdle to starting their dream brewery; transporting their kit back from the Italian factory where it is currently held. Appealing to their friends and customers, they launched a crowdfunder campaign this week have already received a third of their target. Speaking of their success, Nick said ‘we’re absolutely overwhelmed at the support shown to us throughout this journey.

‘Many people will understand how much time, dedication and frankly money it takes to set up a business yourself, and Tom and I have done everything we can to make this work. To have to ask for help with this final obstacle was a difficult decision, but thanks to the crowdfunder campaign we will be able to make the best beer we can with a brewkit we would never have dreamed of owning before.’

Lifelong friends Tom and Nick from Wimborne Minster started Barefaced Brewing from opposite sides of the world. Nick was living in Australia, Tom in Edinburgh, and they would often chat about the beers they were drinking or brewing at work, “We were amazed at how quickly the craft beer scene was growing around the world” said Tom.

Soon, they started cooking up an idea to move back to their hometown in Wimborne and start their own micro-brewery, making beers that represented everything they loved from across the continents – beers that were perfect for BBQs and hangouts. After a summer brewing in a converted garage, they realised that good old-fashioned hard work and perseverance was starting to pay off. People liked their beer; they needed to expand.

Tom said ‘We feel very fortunate that we have been given the opportunity to build our brand new brewery in such a fantastic location. Bournemouth Triangle is fast becoming a destination for discerning drinkers to enjoy worldclass beers, and we are so excited to welcome people into our taproom to enjoy a pint amongst the tanks and vessels we’ve brought back from Italy.’

Find out more about Barefaced Brewing and their crowdfunder campaign at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-italian-job-1

photos by kind permission of Barefaced Brewery

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