I recently retired so now have plenty of time to experiment and with the fridge still full after a weekend of entertaining, I made this healthy fresh tasty breakfast. Using an over ripe avocado & few sweet cherry tomatoes – it is not just easy to make, it tastes great & looks stunning as well…!

One avocado, skinned & mashed with little lemon juice, salt & pepper
Two buttered slices of toast
8 cherry tomatoes gently fried in rapeseed oil until soft, turned once
2 poached eggs
salt & pepper to taste

Spread the avocado evenly over each slice
Add the cherry tomatoes on top and then the poached egg
Season to taste with salt & pepper and a little more rapeseed oil

Avocado Breakfast

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  1. John,

    Bit like Nigella’s effort on Monday that has caused such a stir!

    Best wishes,

    Colin Giles

    1. Colin – I didn’t see Nigella on Monday, what was the problem with hers?? Cheers John

  2. John,

    Nothing wrong with the recipe, just its simplicity and Nigella’s presentation. In all the papers and according to MSN News, Twitter is in meltdown over it.

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks Colin, that is an amazing coincidence, I made my breakfast Monday morning before Nigella’s show was aired!!

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