I experienced a traditional Asado “barbecue” during my holiday in Argentina, it was an amazing experience and I thought I would share it with you – aside from the beef and pork ribs and different cuts of steaks there were some interesting other meats: beef sweetbreads and intestines (the latter of which ended up being a bit like cracking) plus a very thin cut of pork belly (without the skin) that you could cut through with the back of a knife. Throw in some home made sausages, black pudding and grilled cheese plus a good Malbec and you have a perfect meal!

The chef was great and gave some interesting tips – they tend to cook things for longer in Argentina, even some of the steaks. And lots of seasoning and a squeeze of lemon after carving the individual portions. A lot of chefs perks too!

It’s certainly got me in the mood for some outdoor cooking when we get back – I feel a Purbeck Asado coming on – and an interesting discussion with the butcher at Wilkswood Farm Shop 🙂

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