I’m still getting over the fact of catching an Arctic Char in Dorset last week – crazy, but it’s now time to cook two of the fillets. I choose a recipe by Mark Hix that calls for mousseron mushrooms, but these are impossible to get this time of the year, so after a lot of searching I found some buna-shimeji mushrooms that would give this recipe a nice earthy flavour to go with the char. Not my favourite fish, this one was very earthy due to living in a pond in Dorset I guess, I will hot smoke the rest to make Pâté!

Serves 2
2 x Artic Char fillets or any large salmonid, washed and skin scored
Olive oil
2 shallots, thinly chopped
20g finely chopped pancetta
80g buna-shimeji mushrooms
30g butter
1 tablespoon chopped parsely
Juice from ½ lemon
Salt & pepper

First I filleted the char and then de-boned each fillet – now I know why I don’t eat many trout, so many tiny bones!! (although might be better to catch bigger trout!) Then gently scored the skin to stop the fillet curly up and looks proper posh!
Fry onion & pancetta until soft, but do not let colour
Add mushrooms & butter and cook until they have softened
Now cook the fish fillet side down in olive oil & a dash of butter, turning for the last 30 seconds, then out to drain on kitchen towel
Add the parsley & lemon juice to the sauce and serve
Wine: Cantiga Garnacha/Tempranillo, DO Campo de Borja

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  1. Next time, try your luck ‘dipping your fly’ in Houghton Springs concrete puregating pond, where our Arctic Charr spend at least three days on pure borehole spring water, guaranteed to eliminate the earthy taste referred to………………..

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