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Learn to Spoon - Owermoigne

Learn to Spoon – Owermoigne

Apparently my family find it difficult thinking of presents for my birthdays, which is strange because the other 364 days of the year I find it it really easy to find things to buy for myself!...

East Dorset Foodie

Las Iguanas – Bournemouth

Its been maybe 8 years since I last visited a Las Iguanas but it was a firm favourite of mine when I lived in Bath. I was a little nervous when I popped in on Friday to try their new Winter...

North Dorset Foodie

Purbeck Foodie

Hope Pointing

Bridge House - Beaminster

Bridge House – Beaminster

Cocktail and Canapes Evening

We were welcomed we the first cocktail of the night ‘Spring into action G&T’ - Navy strength gin, tonic, white borage and aromatic herbs....

Rachael Pitman

The Paddle - Highcliffe

The Paddle – Highcliffe

The Paddle is a great little cafe/restaurant in Highcliffe almost on the Dorset/Hampshire border. After posting some pictures of my latest visit on instagram it became clear that I wasn’t the...

Fleurie Forbes-Martin

Liza Salmon-Davies

The Wasabi Company

The Wasabi Company

A taste of Dorset Wasabi…….

Wasabi….the Japanese Horseradish a taste more akin to hot mustard it’s definitely not for the faint hearted….but when added as a sauce it...


Liberty Fields Apple Syrup

Liberty Fields – Apple Syrup

Liberty Fields have been busy creating apple based products since their Apple Balsamic Vinegar was launched in November 2012. This summer they have added a new product Apple Syrup (Dorset’s...

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